April here, these are some webcam images, its raw but it does the  trick. The big bed and mirror room pics are my place. I am a adult entertainer webcam and video model, etc. I am in the Reno area. I am bi-sexual, versatile, open minded, dom or sub, toys, dress up it is all good. I have mirrors around with porn and music on when having fun. I am busty and functional with a 14  inch joy stick, (that's in tranny inches more like seven). As always cross dresser friendly (see more below). I am also now offering a Dominatrix experience, see more below. By the way the smoking is mostly a fetish thing, I am something of a health nut, I take many supplements vitamins, minerals, anti viral's/bacterial's, antioxidants, meditate, workout, etc.

I will be traveling to other areas starting with northern California this winter. I will be offering a reasonable regular rate with a HH discount. I will be testing the waters for a possible relocation or for regular visiting potential. Please e-mail me and let me know if you want an appointment.

Watch for my up and cuming amateur adult video, It will be sold from this site. Also, I have a business plan for a adult entertainment company that has great potential, I might consider an investor, I will back it with my inheritance. I have a business background in investments and high tech. Please click About Me below for more info on me and the business concept, more pics, video below.                                                       775 379 2711
Late Evening special e-mail or call for details
(evening, quickish, local regular, limited time offer)
This is the slowest time of year for out of towners, I am looking to expand my locals base, looking to find some buddy's who's company I greatly enjoy, so what the heck its time to give back to the community, my road norm is 150, call ahead if you can for evening

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Bull's eye baby
I hate when I forget to wear my panties

Mistress T-horny Rose
your at my service, bitch

There is something about a leggy, busty tranny with a nice joy stick and domination that just goes together. I have been collecting some of  the tools of the trade, I am learning the ropes. A little domination mixed in with a regular hot and nasty session can be great fun.

Tools and toys I like to play with include: Bed restraint system, cuffs, ropes, gag, collar, whip, paddle, blind fold, nipple clamps, small, medium, large to very very large vibrating  dildo, feather, and candle. I bring this crazy shit on the road so lets have at it.

My Domination tends to be on the sensual side, mild to wild and might include some of the following.

Flogging, paddling, spanking, domestic discipline
Bondage, Japanese Rope Bondage
Creative Role Play, Tease and Denial
CBT, Tickling
Sensory Deprivation, Servitude
Foot and Leg Worship
Physical Domination
Cross-Dressing, Sissy Training
Golden Showers, Hot Wax
Face Slapping, (you worthless little shit)
Erotic Embarrassment/light Humiliation, (you cock sucking fuck)
Blowing smoke in your face and calling you a pussy

See the new Dominatrix and Cross Dress sections below
Two openings to fill nightly
I may have gone to far with this color thing.
Its a good thing I cant fuck myself with that thing I would get nothing done
You try makeing a pretty face when your about ready to shoot a load of love goo
some different looks  i have done last year, i am doing  the blonde and black look mostly  now
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Cross Dressing Fun Time

I  have always been open to having fun with and hosting cross dressers. I secretly crossed dressed since I was a little kid, prior to my transition.  Many men find dressing up a little or allot very exciting, adding to the picture a sexy tranny can make for a good time. We all have a masculine and feminine side it is only natural that some would feel compelled to express this through their sexuality. Unfortunately our society being what it is can make this expression difficult, often girlfriends and wife's are not into it.

Many fellows that have visited have brought a little something to wear or maybe put on some of my lingerie.  I am going to  advance this  concept offering a selection of clothes, lingerie, even wig and makeup.

My first step is to offer some of my wardrobe. I am about  average size 5"9 height, size ten female (9 male) shoe/high heel. This would work for average to smallish males. Some clothing like lingerie is somewhat flexible to larger sizes. I can also offer makeup, with selection of  long wavy wigs. 

Next I am starting to collect larger sexy clothes, lingerie,  shoes, and  more jewelry and wigs. I could use some help  things like stopping by for a session and maybe trading or letting me use some sexy shoes, clothes, lingerie, etc. I am  open to buying some stuff if anyones offing their collections. Locals who want to stop by from time to time and leave some of there favorite dress items with me, that's OK too.

I have  had friends fly in from around the country to have this type of fun with me, so what the heck I am taking this concept on the road starting in February, can you say big suit case.
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